Mortal Kombat X – Official “Who’s Next?” Announcement Trailer


Gamescom 2013


It’s nearly time to kick-off Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany. This is one of the hottest gaming trade shows next to E3. I think this years Gamescom is going to be the best one yet, with the arrival of the Next-Gen consoles sometime in November.

Press conferences: 

Tomorrow their will be a few must-see press conferences from the likes of Sony. Microsoft and EA. Were they will be releasing new details on their plans for the Next-Gen and hopefully new game announcements.

EA: Tuesday, August 20 – 3pm UK / 4pm Europe / 7am Pacific (Click here to watch)

We know that EA have titles like Titanfall, FIFA 14 Need of Speed: The Rivals and Command & Conquer.

Sony: Tuesday, August 20 – 6pm UK / 7pm Europe / 10am Pacific (Click here to watch live)

The news hitting the internet this week are that Sony a going to be announcing the release date for the Ps4. Sony will no doubt be talk about new unannounced tiles and their plans for the European markets. I’m hoping for some big Vita news at this event tomorrow, like a price drop or a Ps4, Vita bundle. We can only hope..

Microsoft: Tuesday, August 20 – unconfirmed time (Click here to watch live)

Microsoft are reportedly not having a traditional press conference of sorts, but they did say that they will have ‘Somethings to share with us at Gamescom’. They have also said they they will be announcing a ‘unique’ Xbox One exclusive at Gamescom.

I’m really looking forward to what’s can only be announced tomorrow and the coming day at Gamecom, I’m sure will get better insights on what companies are doing to support the Next-Gen. I’ll be posting the biggest stories from gamescom.

Playstation Meeting 2013


On the 20th of February Sony are going to be holding an event in New York, were their going to be showing us “The Future Of Playstation”.

I think we all know by now that this announcement will indeed be the Playstation 4. I really can’t wait to see Sony’s new machine. One things for sure, I won’t be moving anywhere on the 20th. If you what to see the announcement live, you can on, that’s were I’m going to be..

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